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US-2010089002-A1: Composite structural elements and method of making same patent, US-2012183585-A1: Gel based wound dressing and a method of synthesizing the same patent, US-2010171409-A1: Carbon nanotubes, substrate and electron emission device with such carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube synthesizing substrate as well as methods of and apparatus for making them patent, US-2011200803-A1: Self-Primed Coating Formulation and Universal, Printable, Plastic Media Coated with the Formulation patent, US-2012114724-A1: Antimicrobial agent, method of preparing an antimicrobial agent and articles comprising the same patent, US-2012151635-A1: Methods of affecting nitrogen assimilation in plants patent, CN-102992677-A: 一种无碱液体速凝剂及其制备方法和应用 patent, US-2012282637-A1: Polypeptides for binding to the receptor for advanced glycation endproducts as well as compositions and methods involving patent, US-2013090290-A1: BMP-2 Peptides and Methods of Use patent, US-2013252953-A1: Targeting Human Thymidylate Kinase Induces DNA Repair Toxicity in Malignant Tumor Cells patent, US-2013274425-A1: Methods To Increase Oligomer Viscosity And Uses Thereof patent, US-2010108199-A1: Ferrous abrasion resistant sliding material patent, US-2010240581-A1: Selective proteasome inhibitors for treating diabetes patent, US-2010240650-A1: Substituted pyrrolines as kinase inhibitors patent, US-2010291169-A1: Polyelectrolyte Complex for Imparting Antimicrobial Properties to a Substrate patent, US-2011206630-A1: Surfactant and cleaning compositions comprising microbially produced branched fatty alcohols patent, US-2011117202-A1: Up and down conversion systems for production of emitted light from various energy sources including radio frequency, microwave energy and magnetic induction sources for upconversion patent, US-2011135657-A1: Human antigen binding proteins that bind beta-klotho, fgf receptors and complexes thereof patent, US-2011023139-A1: Genomic editing of genes involved in cardiovascular disease patent, US-2010203426-A1: Fuel cell patent, US-2010279312-A1: Method of screening apoptosis accelerating compound or anti-apoptotic compound and method of determining malignancy of neurodegenerative disease patent, US-2010283-A: General utility hanging bracket patent, US-2011046684-A1: Screw Assembly and Method patent, US-2011113841-A1: Process and apparatus for manufacture of fertilizer products from manure and sewage patent, US-2011240696-A1: Roof rack bows with mechanism for automatic extension and retraction patent, US-2011243100-A1: Transmission Mode Selection Based on Radio Link Quality and Radio Load on the Air Interface patent, US-2011249302-A1: Image reading apparatus, image reading unit thereof, and reference member thereof for shading correction patent, US-2011253951-A1: Compositions for low refractive-index films patent, US-2011266013-A1: Closing Tool patent, US-2011275871-A1: Process for the production of branched alkylbenzenes that uses a renewable carbon source patent, US-2011278182-A1: Earring Organizer patent, US-2011286208-A1: Light source assembly mechanism for led lamps patent, US-2011291740-A1: Method for supplying an output supply voltage to a power gated circuit and an integrated circuit patent, US-2012007928-A1: Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-2012019577-A1: Inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-2012032595-A1: Electromagnetically-countered display systems and methods patent, US-2012034133-A1: Catalyzed SCR Filter and Emission Treatment System patent, US-2012042997-A1: Blast Resistant Wheel and Vehicle patent, US-2012043748-A1: Inlaid Ornamental Relief of Book Covers patent, US-2012044442-A1: Liquid Crystal Display Device patent, US-2012049008-A1: Passive Robust Flow Control Micro Device patent, US-2012053784-A1: Method and system for health monitoring of aircraft landing gear patent, US-2012057596-A1: Outbound Transmission Of Packet Based On Routing Search Key Constructed From Packet Destination Address And Outbound Interface patent, US-2012061519-A1: Aerial delivery system patent, US-2012074934-A1: Nmr measurements and methods of analyzing nmr data patent, US-2012080125-A1: Link chain superior in low temperature toughness and heat treatment method of the same patent, US-2012085773-A1: Cookware Handle patent, US-2012089507-A1: Device, system and transaction method for integrating payment function and receipt function patent, US-2012106151-A1: Multi-beam illumination system and method of illumination patent, US-2012118877-A1: Image heating apparatus patent, US-2012123689-A1: Methods and systems for discriminating bands in scalograms patent, US-2012127393-A1: Display device patent, US-2012146621-A1: Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties patent, US-2012147854-A1: Method and System For Transmitting Content In A Wireless Communication Network patent, US-2012152484-A1: Peripheral microcircuit serpentine cooling for turbine airfoils patent, US-2012172284-A1: Isozyme-specific antagonists of protein kinase c patent, US-2012173404-A1: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for facilitating the exchange of reciprocal deposits patent, US-2012183890-A1: Method for fabricating a mask patent, US-2012199799-A1: Apparatus and method for stringing aerial cables using aircraft patent, US-2012211009-A1: Regulator for Underwater Breathing Apparatus patent, US-2012212765-A1: Image forming apparatus and image forming method with synchronous and asynchronous control for continuous operation patent, US-2012213676-A1: Process for the Production of Ammonia Synthesis Gas With Improved Cryogenic Purification patent, US-2012216344-A1: Patient lift and transfer device patent, US-2012236666-A1: Semiconductor memory device, method of controlling read preamble signal thereof, and data transmission system patent, US-2012245307-A1: Process for the preparation of a particulate bimodal polyethylene product patent, US-2012255455-A1: Fireworks Igniter System and Method patent, US-2012256715-A1: Magnetic attachment system patent, US-2012259129-A1: Process for Preparing Azabicyclic Compounds patent, US-2012261309-A1: Process for the conversion of heavy charges such as heavy crude oils and distillation residues patent, US-2012271467-A1: Method and system to control flow from individual nozzles while controlling overall system flow and pressure patent, US-2012286195-A1: Heat conducting member and adsorbent using burned plant material patent, US-2012295462-A1: Connector with locking mechanisms patent, US-2012306187-A1: Airbag module patent, US-2012313722-A1: Variable modulus modulator for fractional-n frequency synthesizers patent, US-2012316555-A1: System and Method for Closed Loop Monitoring of Monopolar Electrosurgical Apparatus patent, US-2012318037-A1: Compensated Gas Detectors patent, US-2012045-A: Apparatus for testing audion tubes patent, US-2013014271-A1: Data protection method and device patent, US-2013017016-A1: Artificial flagstone for providing a surface with a natural random look patent, US-2013025056-A1: Axillary Support Device patent, US-2013029409-A1: Method and apparatus for automatic staining of tissue samples patent, US-2013031745-A1: Handle for a wand of a vacuum cleaning appliance patent, US-2013038426-A1: AUTHENTICATION DEVICE, AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM, and AUTHENTICATION METHOD patent, US-2013041855-A1: Time saving method of boarding passengers onto vehicles patent, US-2013057407-A1: Process equipment tracking system patent, US-2013060130-A1: Therapeutic microrobot system for brain and spinal cord diseases patent, US-2013066262-A1: Multi-dose delivery system patent, US-2013067523-A1: Method and system for managing bandwidth patent, US-2013081185-P1: Heucherella plant named 'Sunrise Falls' patent, US-2013091010-A1: Audience and Performance Guarantees using a Statistical Model for Risk Assessment patent, US-2013094604-A1: Precoding For Coordinated Multi-Point Joint Transmission patent, US-2013094983-A1: Diaphragm foam pump for foam dispensers and refill units patent, US-2013096250-A1: Process for improving hiding efficiency in pigment paints patent, US-2013101598-A1: Antagonists of il-6 to prevent or treat thrombosis patent, US-2013102293-A1: Method and system to automatically park a voice call for data transfer patent, US-2013104247-A1: Verification Of Content Possession By An Announcing Peer In A Peer-To-Peer Content Distribution System patent, US-2013109482-A1: Torque fluctuation absorber patent, US-2013111433-A1: Method and apparatus for generating application programs patent, US-2013114084-A1: Liquid Consumption Apparatus patent, US-2013117958-A1: Latch assembly for a vacuum system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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